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Have Fun - Get Rich

And Positively Impact The World

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Have Fun - Get Rich

And Positively Impact The World


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My shit is not cheap, and I will not hold you accountable to my advice. My advice will be my advice. Whether you do anything with it or not is totally on you. If you need hand holding, and don't understand that massive growth in business is often around simple changes / pieces of information, than this likely is NOT FOR YOU.

  • Quickly & Easily Identify Bottle Necks:  Imagine knowing exactly what is in your way.
  • Clear & Simple Steps For Solving Them: Imagine knowing exactly what you should focus on to solve & grow.
  • Straight Forward Advice: If you are the problem I will tell you. Here to help you grow your business, not make you feel good. Sometimes what you need is what's most uncomfortable to hear.

For People Who Love Sales & Fitness But Don't Want To Be A Fitness Coach

For people who love fitness coaching but don't enjoy the client getting, sales, or business aspect.

For the minority who want to build a full on fitness coaching business

Who Is Luke Kish?

Who is Luke Kish?

*experiential advice only  - always think for yourself*


⚡️ 8.4 Million Spent On Ads (My Money)

⚡️ 100,000+ Quality Sales Calls Booked(High Ticket Fitness Business)

⚡️ 300,000+ Quality 17 Question Applicants(High Ticket Fitness Business)


⚡️ 138 Sales Reps Hired (Top Earner Over 300K)

⚡️ $1 Million A Month Sales Team 3 Years & Counting

⚡️ 65,000+ Recruited Before 21 Years Old


⚡️ More than 230 People Hired

⚡️ Current team of 73 (Contractors & Employees)

⚡️ Leader Of The Internet Capitalists Movement 

I think it is important to mention that none of the above is "Business Opportunity OR Business Coaching Related"  

Public Speaking

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⚡️ Luke has the natural ability to deeply move with his words. His super power is speaking into the greater component of our nature, and explaining complex topics in easy to understand ways. Hiring Luke to speak at your next event is a sure fire way to ensure the attendees feel moved, and impacted by your event.

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